Make it simple, but significant.

The idea for the entire project was born in 2018 and has been the driving force of our work ever since. Along the way, we crossed path with a lot of wonderful and helpful people, to whom we would like to now say ‘Thank you!’ Thank you kindly for all the support and for believing in our ideas – one day, we hope, that the exclusive, bold-colored and simple-shaped designs, will become the hallmark of our products.
We feel the need for each our products to show its individual character, a reflection of our hard and meticulous work. We are looking forward to things to come, and by not stopping for a moment, we will continue to grow in what we do.
We have always felt the urge of brining to life something of which we could think of as ‘ours’, and the thought that every challenge, collaboration and experience we gained, had led to this very moment, seems natural.
Instead of following mass fashion, we trust our choices and create our projects with dedication. Simple in its form, but at the same time visually diverse.
Among the fabrics selected by us, are fabrics of the best French brands: Pierre Frey, Christian Lacroix or the UK creative house Designers Guild.
Although, we are working currently on our own fabric patterns, still the brands mentioned earlier will remain the baseline feature of our products. Their products relate closely to what we think of as ‘our own vision’ of design and quality. We try to combine the fabrics to create a unique outcome.
Our products are hand-crafted based on individual orders according to basic designs available in the gallery. As each is hand-made, it takes between two to three weeks, on average, for your order to be completed since it was placed. If you would have an idea on how to combine the colors and fabrics in a different way, or would consider non-standard dimensions for your product, we will do our best to meet your expectations. Let us know about that!
We are thrilled to present the effect of our work and give the product into your hands. Let them bring joy, they have been created to do so.
Thank you to everyone who believes in us, especially to our Parents.
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